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Using Utorrent to obfuscate Tor-Over-VPN traffic. Will it help or hurt?

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i will try to be concise and to the point.

I want to hide the fact that i use Tor from my ISP.

Hence i use Tor over VPN whenever i want to use Tor, which is maybe once a week or so to catch up on the best doujinshi updates.

I keep my VPN on pretty much whenever i am online, and i sign in to personal and social media only from my Iphone, not this laptop. And i like to download and seed torrents. A lot.

So, it turns out, whenever i want to load Tor, i am already connected to my OpenVPN app, and i am already pretty much seeding torrents.

I am still interested in avoiding being detected by my ISP that i use Tor because there is tremendous misinformation about Tor in my country's mainstream media.

Here is my question: If at the same time i am downloading my cbr updates on Tor, if i am downloading and seeding multiple torrents, and if i have a different gateway and exit ip on the VPN, what are the chances of traffic correlation/netflow determining i am a Tor user? Mind you, i am connecting to a server outside my country which happens to be in the 14 eyes. The OpenVPN tunnel server endpoint is in a country outside the 14 eyes, specifically where torrent laws are lax.

Will the utorrent traffic hurt me, or help me? From not just my ISP but maybe foreign govt where the Tor exit ip or Tor guard node is? Once again, i am not asking about the benefits or cons of running Tor over VPN, because as i have indicated, i want to avoid the stigma from my ISP/Government that i am using Tor. Also, i like to surf with the VPN browser extension also turned on, connected to a different country than the OpenVPN tunnel. So, normal https website traffic, tor traffic, and utorrent traffic all will be coming into my machine at any given instance.

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I don’t use tor. But I’m interested in hearing about a response to this. So if anyone can explain?? That would be cool.

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When you use Tor over VPN it doesn't matter how many other "cover traffic" side connections you make.

The ISP will only see a single connection from your device to the VPN server, and not connections inside (on top of) it.

In case of UDP tunnel the ISP won't even see a full connection since it's a stateless protocol.


Also without VPN, when you use obfs4 or meek-azure, the connection to the guard is not done directly so

ISPs that actively censor Tor fail to detect it.

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