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Somtimes eddie crashes, can't be killed and restart is required

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I noticed that when the auto-reconect to last server option is on and i return from standby eddie freezes, can't be killed from the monitor application (ubuntu here) i'm not online (probably because the network lock is active) and i have to restart the OS to make it work again.


Ubuntu 18.10 here

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Same for me on Fedora, although only maybe 1 out of 5 times. And I don't believe I had turned on that option. Hasn't happened with the CLI version so far. Killing the mono process and then restarting Eddie sometimes worked, but not always.

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I believe Mono is the achilles' heel, perhaps its memory management. Suspending or hibernating the system seem to make freezes or zombie processes more likely.


I have experienced a couple of hard freezes but those were during busy development period. Since then I've had zombie processes that effectively lock up Eddie, but they can be manually killed with "kill -9 <process-id>" or "htop", but for some reason not with "killall <name>".


Installing/launching htop, hitting F4 (for filter) and typing "eddie" is an easy to way to view the processes spawned in the Mono jungle.



Eddie is a nice GUI tool for managing the connection and one reason that initially attracted me to AirVPN, besides their sensible policies. Using Mono made sense for them, but the long-term objective has been to move to a native toolkit

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