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Tor over VPN: seeking clarification

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This is how I use Tor browser and based of my inspection of real time tcpdump I feel certain that it is Tor over VPN. I.e. My ISP can only see an OpenVPN tunnel and the AirVPN exit server knows the Tor entry node:


I run openvpn in a terminal widow using only TLS encrypted AirVPN servers and the ovpn files are modified to include update-resolv-conf (repeatedly successfully tested at https://ipleak.net). I have IPv6 disabled in GRUB.


After the OpenVPN tunnel is establish I open Tor Browser.


If I run tcpdump monitoring my Ethernet adapter the only IP addresses I see are my local LAN IP and that of the AirVPN server it is connected to. My conclusion: My ISP cannot see the Tor traffic.


If run tcpdump monitoring tun0 I can see the Tor traffic between the onion sites and the AirVPN assign public address only. I never see my local LAN IP.


I just wanted an objective opinion from someone else: Am I correct in concluding I am running "Tor over VPN"?


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