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ANSWERED Eddie and qBittorrent slow speeds after fresh OS install. Help!

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I have been going through a headache since installing a new hard drive and fresh OS install. Eddie works fine, but once I start to torrent the speeds go down very fast. I never had this issue on my previous OS install. I could torrent many files and still surf with relative ease. This is not happening now and I do not know what the issue it. I have two previous posts asking for help.


Here: https://airvpn.org/topic/29841-copy-old-settings-file-of-eddie-to-new-os/?view=findpost&p=78316


(It seemed resolved after trying the suggested fix there, for one day, but then went back to being slow again today)


and my first post here: https://airvpn.org/topic/29761-connection-issues-after-fresh-os-install/


Attached is a copy of my log. All the "AEAD Decrypt error: bad packet ID" start when I turn qBittorrent on and start downloading. 


Please help. This is perplexing me as to why this is happening. I always had fast torrenting and able to still surf the net before. It's as if once I start torrenting my connection get's capped or tunneled. ALL torrents lose speed WAY down and I can hardly load a web page. The second I turn torrent off, back to be normal. 


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So, I uninstalled the latest version of AirVPN/Eddie. 


I got the old version from 2017 off my old Hard Drive with my previous OS on it. I was able to copy over the AirVPN.xml file with AirVPN settings I used to have from there as well. 


Now things are running as they once did.Speeds are good and able to surf and torrent just fine. 


There is something with the new version of Eddie/AirVPN that was slowing torrenting and or connection.

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