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Copy old settings file of Eddie to new OS?

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Is there a way to get my old Eddie settings file off my old OS drive and put it on my new OC install?


I am having some serious issues with Eddie/Torrenting since installing my OS fresh and think it may be because I had some setting in Eddie before hand set different (I think it was a TCP or UDP setting, but I can't remember) and that is why I had such good speeds before. If I could copy my old settings over from my old HD with the old OS on it that may fix my problem.


Here is my post in the issue I am having: https://airvpn.org/topic/29761-connection-issues-after-fresh-os-install/


There is something in Eddie that is chocking my speeds while torrenting that was never there before on my old OS install. 

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This thread reflects the status quo of 2018. The airvpn.xml file has since been replaced with a default.profile file in the same directory. Please check this.
If you've got other questions, please open a new thread. I'll be locking this one.


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