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Some good VPS hosts

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consider what purpose of config is gonna be towards


meaning if you are building ecom site or proxy server


or need offshore or aiming towards onion/tor vps ability


the other thing to look at is who owns who


coz a lof of 'standard' web hosting companies out there


share databases, even email traffic


i know, i've 'tested' this for real


it does come down to what you really need, your threath model


and what you can afford to pay for


other factors are domain naming laws and where you are from


where your business might be incorporated in and so forth


so if i invest in a vps provider 'off shore' or in a country with far


better privacy laws but name my site xyz that might null the money


i invested in a better location etc.

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If it's not already too late, there are two websites which list most of the offers of many VPS providers around the world. You can even configure CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD space and such to further filter the results and sort by price, country, etc.


They're Metadedi and Serverhunter.

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