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blue fish

Win8.1SE_x86 LiveSystem 2. Edition by me

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The focus of this live system are online activities where you cannot use TAILS because it uses Linux or because TOR is mandatory there, which some sites do not like

The first version of the Win8.1SE x86 LiveSystem seems to have had errors, because a user reported that he had a warning on the desktop after booting, which might have been due to his hardware. Two other users have reported that they did not have the PortableApps.com menu. Since a new version of GPG4Win (Kleopatra) was released shortly after the upload, I decided to do a completely new ISO again. The ISO was tested on three different computers with two different USB sticks (which only affected the loading time) and worked everywhere. Finally, the uploaded files were downloaded again and created a stick of these files and tested to make sure that the uploaded files are OK.

Also the manual was supplemented with the point, how one makes a portable from a new GPG4Win version and how it is then to be integrated.

Finally, I simplified the access to the MultiRes option for users with a large monitor by now having an icon in the systray.

SHA1 D537D5B9214C37D2FD0F4695893323B03A426428

SHA1 D537935EE5E65DB91150FC570D96431C01A2F48F

SHA1 F3D2B6025ED8546403CDDC5A717080372740CFF6

SHA1 ECD7E07E3CBD252947BCD1538EDA896CE915267F

SHA1 BBF886745AFE0350D056CBB9F969C8ED82DA9D8F

Win8.1SE x86 LiveSystem Manual-English.pdf

SHA1 BD989B987A43A4F7C62B277404DEF3A390496334

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Posted ... (edited)

cool but yeah if you can do that


take that skill set you got and roll over to


gentoo or arch, plop out a distro of your flavor


and then pipe it back to here with some screenshots


but a sincere congrats on what you did that is cool


roll up an opensource dooby....

Edited ... by tokzco

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