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Explanation of Protocols Tab Under Settings

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I would like for someone to offer a clear explanation of the "Protocols" tab under "Settings" for Eddie.  More specifically, what do the numbers (1, 2, 3, 4) under the heading of "IP" refer to? Also, if an explanation is necessary, how does the "IP" heading pertain to the other headings found under the "Protocols" tab?


If this question has been answered elsewhere in the forums, I do apologize for my blindness and inability to find it.


Thanks in advance to the person(s) answering this n00b question.



I am a nobody....and I intend to stay that way...

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1 and 2 are tls-auth, 3 and 4 are tls-crypt.


The reason for having two of each is in case one is blocked by ....  ISP or something.


If you resolve a server name, for example, "nslookup leo.airvpn.org", it'll resolve to its #1 IP.

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