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torguard.net any thoughts?

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A happy airvpn customer. Thought of checking with you about your experiences with torguard ? 

Thanks a lot.

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Had many connection drops. I also heard that they stole their client (dunno if they got a new one) and it was so buggy when i used it.

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I currently use Torguard and have for a long time (I actually use several different VPNs).  I rarely have connection issues as most servers are VERY acceptable speed wise and the support is phenomenal. Server list is big and the interface is actually very good with the ability for more advanced users to change features (with good debug support).  They were running a 50% off for life special when I signed up...and $5 a month is nothing. They also make great browser plug ins and are the ONLY worthwhile VPN with a GUI for Linux (Apparently I see AirVPN has one? I haven't tried it yet but I will soon!)!  Now...here's my beef.


1) US based!! Now I've personally spoken with staff members and of course they swear they have nothing to turn over just like the rest. Til that is tested by the US government what else can I say? If you're committing any kind of serious crime, is this a risk you're willing to take? That's up to you.


2) Their servers are NOT as true to state as AirVPN.  Please check your VPN with ipleak.net.   When you're Country, State, City is pulled up, check out the accuracy percentages. Torguard is about the same as other big boy VPNs but AirVPN is the ONLY (I've tested over a dozen) VPN that utilizes servers that come back 100% accuracy on location and that is very important to me. Most people probably don't give a damn...but hey...I give a big damn


3) Lastly, only 1 support agent seems to know ANYTHING about anything. The others will quickly tell you to fill out a ticket. Lame eh? I will say the 1 guy who knows his stuff...knows his stuff. I bother him alot. He probably hates me. (s'why I use different names to talk lol)


Anyway. There's my bla bla about Torguard. 

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tls-crypt on their servers is a dud.

I am not sure if their implementation is wrong or if their ips are blocked.

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Thank you Guys. I always finally come back to Air after checking trial versions of multiple vpn services as none of them match the quality of service that Air provides. A great thanks to these amazing Guys. 


My only limitation is my inability to renew the annual subscription (~42 USD for 1 year) every year during the time of blackfriday sale as it is a huge money considering my economic conditions. But, the quality of service always require some fee, so no complaints.  So, thought of exploring the relatively cheaper VPNs for example Torguard.  

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