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Deleted/Blacklisted Three Servers in Eddie. How can I get them back?

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When using the Eddie Client for the first time, I somehow managed to delete or remove a server from a country's list of servers.

When right-clicking on a server in the server list, you would get an option to click a red X for blacklisting a server. Clicking this X, removes the server from the server list permanently.

I also did this with two other servers from two other countries. They disappeared too!

Clicking the refresh button does not bring back the servers. I have also tried to uninstall and reinstall Eddie. The servers are still gone!


Right-clicking on a server also gives you an option to white-list a server, it would then end up on a shortlist. It can then be brought back again to the "full" server list by right-clicking on it and clicking undefined.

What all this means regarding white-listing, blacklisting and undefining servers are confusing to me.


Does anyone have this problem too, loosing servers due to blacklisting them and not being able to get them back?


I would like to get back the three servers that I managed to permanently delete.


In my humble opinion, a user should not be able to accidentally and permanently delete servers from the software client!




I found the answers to the questions above. This has been asked here in the forum in May 2017 in the thread:


How do I view blacklisted servers so that I can remove "undo" a server I blacklisted?


The answer to how to bring back a blacklisted server is to check the box on the bottom left in the server list "Show All", and then right-click on the specified server and clicking undefined.


For the other questions I think I understand them now.


* White-listing a server would put the server on a short list for better overview of servers that you're interested in using.

* Blacklisting would hide a server from the main server list.

* Undefining a server in the whitelist would move a server from the whitelist back to the main server list.


Concluding remark:


I am happy with Eddie so far. The fact that it informed me that IPv6 would be disabled to prevent IPv6 leaks the first time I used the client was a welcome and positive surprise.

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