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Geoblocking of HBOGo in EU

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EDIT: Apologies, just noticed this probably should have been posted in Blocked websites warning, so could a mod move it there pls?



Hello AirVPN, love the service thusfar but have one thing I need help with.


My issue is similar to this previous post for HBOGo.nl with the exception that mine is for the Czech version.


Regardless of which Czech Rep exit server I use, the HBO Go website identifies the server IP as a foreign one and geoblocks me. Their online support is a catastrophe - one doofus after another.

Whois info identifies the servers correctly as being in a Prague DC, but some sites show it in London, UK - probably because of them belonging to M247.

Any chance that this can be remedied by AirVPN or escalated on our behalf to M247 so they fix whatever geo info is wrong? Seems that this would be much easier and faster then going through HBOGo and having them manually whitelist IPs for each server and EU country.



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Following up with a reply from HBOGo;


I submitted one of the CZ server's IP to them for whitelisting and it did not go through. They flagged it as anonymous, see attachment, so no major surprise, but that means they will not help out with this.


Any chance for someone from Air to weigh in on this? Is there any chance to resolve this or is HBOGo another service hopelessly lost?

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On 5/26/2019 at 7:56 AM, vac922884 said:

I second to the request, HBO GO czech still wont work due to geo blocking. Wish there would be some solution:-/

Don't hold your breath. Question is what can Air really do, if anything, to solve this.

Also, for anyone who comes across this, Netflix CZ is also blocked, but that is a lesser surprise. What does work perfectly is P2P torrenting.
If a streaming service blocks someone even though they are allowed to subscribe and pay over VPN, then they deserve their stuff getting pirated.

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