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Portforwarding / own Web Server / Network Timeout / VPN

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Dear Users, Support Stuff,


I have a Problem to solve, i try to Run a Web Server.

My ISP dont like this and have restrictions over all Ports from Outbound.


So i try with a VPN, i have a Port Forwarding, Port is Open with the Connection to the VPN.

If i Open the Browser to the VPN IP and the Port from the VPN i have a Network Timeout.




I have Down Speed 20mb / Up Speed 6 mb


I stopped my Firewall but the same Error ( if you think from my Firewall )


I dont knwo so solve this one, little bit Network Technic i understand.

If possible you can Help me.


Im so sorry for my ugly English, i know. Im from the German Language Part of Switzerland.


Kind regards



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You can't reach your server from behind the same VPN connection. For example use your mobile phone's data connection.

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