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ISO: Usenet Providers compatible with AirVPN (& have Block Accounts)

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I am in search of Usenet Providers that are compatible with AirVPN, and that also have "Block" Accounts - A fixed quota of downloads, that do not expire, for a once-off payment.


I used to be a happy subscriber at the Astraweb Usenet Provider, enjoying one of their block accounts. In recent times, unfortunately, Astraweb, have been comprehensively blocking the AirVPN nodes, and Astraweb has become unusable. Since I have no intention of moving away from AirVPN, consequently I am in search of a new Usenet Provider.


My Astraweb Block account was ideal for my usage patterns, which is a bit of interaction in a few technical Usenet text groups, and uploading to Usenet Binaries Newsgroups (uploads were not metered in the Block account), I rarely download anything - consequently my Astraweb Block account was near immortal.


This is the topic thread in the blocked websites sub-forum: https://airvpn.org/topic/23447-astraweb-from-nl-servers/


Any suggestions most gratefully apprised, thank you.


Best regards,

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Some prudential due diligence, courtesy of the GreyCoder   

All these four Usenet Service Providers have Block Accounts and all the four domains are accessible to AirVPN:


Tweaknews (Backbone: HighWinds; Servers: Netherlands)

https://www.tweaknews.eu/en/support (FAQ)

NewsGroupDirect (Backbone: HighWinds; Servers: USA, Netherlands and Germany)


UsenetExpress (Backbone: Self-Tier1; Servers: USA)


XS News (Backbone: Abavia; Servers: Netherlands)


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