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Inactivity Timeouts on Ubuntu

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I seem to be experiencing constant (< every 60s) disconnections on an Ubuntu VM (have tried 16.04 and 17.04), log message is:


[server] Inactivity timeout (--ping-restart), restarting


The problem seems to have only appeared in the past few days, is not present when connecting from the host machine (OS X), and is openvpn specific (appears on both main and testing Eddie branches and command line openvpn). The problem appears across multiple airVPN servers and countries.


The message does not seem to correspond with the ping-timeout setting (server set to 60) as it happens generally within 30s of an 'Initialization Sequence Completed' message.


Given the facts I can only assume that this is somehow ubuntu + vm network related - does anyone have any thoughts on how to investigate further?

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I just noticed something similar with Ubuntu 20.10 running as a guest in VMware Fusion, using Eddie 2.18.9. I noticed a notification rom Eddie on the desktop about connecting. When I checked Eddie's VPN log, I found that the VPN connection restarted a few times within the span o a minute or two, with the same "Inactivity timeout" messages. But then it ran just fine without reconnecting for hours after.
It's possible this is simply a temporary VPN server issue.

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