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I've used AirVPN for years now, but recently when I turn AirVPN on (or off) sometimes my DNS adress changes from the Google one to


And when I go to the settings (windows) and tick "automatic DNS adress" and I turn the VPN on it connects again to 


Since this happend all websites take quite some time to connect to and it says "Resolving Host...", Google for example doesn't even load some times and it says that there's a problem with the DNS.


Thanks in advance for help!

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Hi Luke_Hp.  I'm having a similar issue, related to DNS settings anyway, I suspect.  I use AirVPN frequently and have issues resolving website addresses too.  Have you added additional DNS servers, other than AirVPN or Googles?

I am having more issues now with another client VPN, the built it one on Windows.  

When I disconnect from AirVPN, and Deactivate the Network Lock, I cannot access shared resources after a successful VPN connection to the server.  The connection persists, but the network shows "No network access".  This just started happening this past week for me.

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Isn't this supposed to be like that? is AirVPN's own DNS.

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