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Hello all,


I've been with AirVPN for quite a while and I don't plan on leaving because of the awesome service! But, like many of you I do like to investigate the features and reviews of existing and upcoming VPN services.


I was using TorGuard a couple of years ago, it was alright but speeds were very inconsistent. Upon checking their VPN Blog page this morning I noticed that there's a post about then using a new technology called OpenConnect, which is supposed to be the fastest and most secure way of connecting to a VPN.


I just wanted to know if this is accurate information and if it is does AirVPN use it or are they planning on using it?


Here's a link to the blog post: https://torguard.net/blog/torguard-introduces-openconnect-vpn/


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OpenConnect is an implementation of AnyConnect, which is a patented, closed source protocol from Cisco. The AirVPN mission is to use only free, open source software, so the answer is no.

"Fastest and most secure" is a very questionable statement.

The blog post you linked describes AES-256-GSM. This is a very interesting cipher we are not aware of

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Thanks for the quick response @zhang888. They make it sound like it's the best thing in the world.That's why I love AirVPN, you guys/gals know how to create a VPN service that's straight to the point and don't include any marketing gimmicks to gain more subscribers.


Regarding the cipher, I think it was just a typo and they were in-fact referring to GCM. Either way, I wouldn't go back to their service. I love how AirVPN is only open source.


Thanks for the great service. You guys rock!

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