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TiVo Suddenly Thinks Port 8080 is Blocked

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For the last couple of months, I've been running my TiVo without problem through AirVPN on my pfSense box.  Yesterday, it started complaining it was running out of Guide data.  When I checked, it hadn't been able to connect successfully for a while.  It now thinks port 8080 is being blocked.  I pulled the TiVo out from using the VPN and it has no problem.  Putting it back through the VPN causes it to again complain about port 8080 is being blocked and it won't connect.  My pfSense box is set to not block any outgoing stuff.  Ditto for traffic on the local network.  According to:




Cox (my ISP) doesn't block port 8080.  And, according to:




the TiVo needs no open incoming ports.  Also, it doesn't complain about any of the other ports that need to be open for outgoing traffic (or within the local network) as being closed.  Did something change recently with AirVPN where it's starting to block outgoing port 8080?

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The only "hard" blocked port is outgoing 25.

Randomly testing port 8080 from the CIDR in that support article shows nothing unusual:


Nmap scan report for clippy.tivo.com (
Host is up (0.22s latency).
8080/tcp open  http-proxy
Is this some kind of a TV streaming service that might took the Netflix approach towards VPNs?

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TiVo is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR).  What's failing for me right now is when it goes to its source of television guide data (times and descriptions of shows to be used for display and scheduling).  It does have some streaming abilities, but I never use them.  If TiVo (corporate) were somehow blocking access via VPN, I'd guess the connection wouldn't be allowed at all.  But, the TiVo (box) is connecting (getting account and time data, and even downloading a bit) before failing.  I just can't find anything that could be blocking that port 8080 it's complaining about.


Thanks for the mention of nmap.  I'm totally clueless about this stuff, but I'll look into that and see if it can help me see if something on my network is blocking that port.

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I just ran some packet captures from my pfSense box while the TiVo was trying to get its guide data and it looks like a TiVo problem (not my ISP, not AirVPN, not pfSense).  I'm showing port 8080 traffic going from my TiVo, through pfSense, through AirVPN, to TiVo's servers and back again without trouble.  So, I guess I'll go pound my head against a wall with the TiVo people.

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