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I have subscribed so that I could attempt to host a minecraft server, as my other attempts had failed. Even following the specific AirVPN instructions have been unsuccessful.

My situation:

I live at an apartment complex, I am under the impression that the apartment complex I am at has a router they use to act as an ISP for the complex, because when i check what my external IP is on google, it is different than what my own personal router reports is my external. So port forwarding would not work as there is a second router or switch stopping the traffic for the server before it gets to my personal router. The regional ISP has stated they are not blocking the ports i would be forwarding.


My current setup now that I am using AirVPN is that my server computer connects by ethernet to the wall, no router, and i have setup eddie, remote port forwarding, and the minecraft server to be what should be connectable from external IPs.


Is this hosting even possible without creating a virtual LAN or working with the secondary routing system in place at the apartment complex?


Thanks for any help.

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Since you did not specify which guide you used for that (frankly, I'm unaware of any Minecraft guides but, well..), here's a small how-to.


OpenVPN needs to be run on the same computer as the one hosting the server.

You forward the port, for example 10000, to local port 10000, both TCP and UDP. Optionally, you provide a DDNS name. Then you connect to your.air.vpn.ip:remoteport or yourddnsname.airdns.org:remoteport.


LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN « Plenty of stuff for advanced users, too!

Want to contact me directly? All relevant methods are on my About me page.

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Also, i dont know if this helps, but when i try to connect to my.air.vpn.ip:remoteport from my outside computer, it just times out, but if i cancel the connection, the server computer recognizes i was connecting and then disconnected; reports it in the server cmd.

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I had the same issue as you and got the VPN just for this purpose, it is working for me.

I had some problems, but it was fixed after a little waiting and checking the port. In your client area -> forwarded ports, try doing the TCP Check and see if it is okay.

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