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Please help - connection to VPN using Eddie causing painfully slow speeds

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I just convinced my friend who lives down the street to sign up for AirVPN given my wonderful experience with it so far.  His experience on the other hand, has been far from it.  First, he uses the Eddie client on his host Windows 7 PC using the same cable ISP as I do, the only difference being that I don't use a client to connect to AirVPN but rather pfSense to establish the tunnel.  My speeds have been consistent with the speed plan that I am paying for.  However, his seems to drop to unbearably slow levels and he is on the same plan as I am.


I went to his house to troubleshoot the issue and cannot figure it out.  I have reset his router to default settings, ensuring no traffic shaping or firewall policies were in place.  I have turned off his Windows firewall and uninstalled all anti-virus programs.  I have even tried using the OpenVPN client but always the same result - load time for web pages are noticeably slow, his torrent download speeds drop from 6 MB/sec. (with VPN off) to always around 20-30 KB/sec. (with VPN on), almost as if it were capped.  We have changed the buffer settings in preferences for Eddie to no avail.  We have tried other VPN servers in North America also and at first upon connection the results are promising  - the speed increases to what it should be, but then slowly and gradually over the course of 30 seconds it drops down to 20-30 KB/sec. again!


I have searched this topic and others seem to lay blame to the ISP capping the speeds but I don't think this is the case here because I am using the same ISP as him with the same plan and most likely on the same node since I live down the street and I have NEVER had this happen to me, and I connect to the same AirVPN servers as him.  


Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?  Am I not affected because I don't use the client to connect?  Can the ISP somehow tell if one of us uses a client and therefore caps the speed?  Why don't I experience such issues using pfSense?

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