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Hi there.

Somehow the "routes" function doesn't seem to work reliably for me.


I enter the IP, choose "outside the VPN tunnel" as action and then hit "save".

I then restart Eddie.


When I then visit these sites, I am still accessing them through the VPN tunnel.

I noticed because I had to re-login when changing VPN servers.


Then i wanted to test it further.


I added the IPs of "ipleaks.net" and "whoer.net" as an exception, restarted Eddie and then checked my IP on those sites.

ipleaks.net displayed my actual IP, whoer.net kept displaying my AirVPN exit IP.


I already raised a support ticket, and Staff said they were unable to reproduce this error.


I'm running the latest Eddie 2.12.4 on Windows 7 x64.

I'm using TAP driver 9.9.2.

Network lock is activated and set to "automatic".

Furthermore I'm using Bitdefender Internet Security 2017.


Previously I've been using the "routes" function successfully for at least a year.

The only thing that changed recently is I switched from Windows 8.1 to Windows 7.


Do you have any ideas what I could try?

Also, how can I test that these routes are actually working like I configured them?

Any other ways to test that besides whitelisting the IPs from these "what is your IP address" sites?


Thank you in advance.

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Okay this is getting weirder and weirder.

I rebooted my system, added whoer.net's IP address as an exception, and suddenly it works. whoer.net shows my real IP address.


So i then added ipleak.net'S IP address as an exception, connect to the same server again, and it works, too.

But suddenly whoer.net doesn't work anymore and shows my AirVPN IP instead of my real IP.


Nothing else changed, I even connected to the same server again.

I only added ipleak.net'S IP address as another exception and suddenly the whoer.net exception won't work anymore.


I'm clueless. What else can I try?

The "routes" feature is basically one of the main reasons I'm with AirVPN.

I really need this to work properly.


Any ideas are appreciated.

Thank you.

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# nslookup whoer.net

Server:  xxx

Address:  xxx


Nicht autorisierende Antwort:

Name:    whoer.net




whoer.net has got more than one IP.


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