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So far VPN working by not revealing my actual public IP address except for this site...why?

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So I followed this guide in setting up AirVPN with my pfSense box:




Everything looked good - I was able to browse the internet and dnsleak.com reported only one leak (the AirVPN DNS server I was using). I went to a couple of websites that report your public IP address just to make sure, such as whatismyip.com and even google.com can do it too, and they all showed the VPN server IP...except for this site: whatismyipaddress.com


That website actually reported my true public IP address when all the others didn't. How is that possible? Do you guys get the same results? Does this mean I didn't set this up properly? How secure is my VPN connection and does it have to do with the particular AirVPN server I chose to connect to? I will try a different server tomorrow and see if I get the same results.

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I am guessing there is a mistake in your setup. I am using the same setup and I don't have leaks at all. It is strange that only one site reports more than one server, though. Did you disable all ipv6 settings? It is enabled by default by pfsense.


Maybe the experts can chime in (Zhang?).

I just wanted to tell you that it's working for me.

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Do you have Squid Proxy Server enabled? If so, disable it and check again.

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Yes, I am running a Squid Proxy Cache server on pfSense.  So you think that's what's causing it?  But why only that website and not the others?  For security's sake though I will disable it, thank you.

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Yes, I am running a Squid Proxy Cache server on pfSense. So you think that's what's causing it?

Could be, but it's just a guess. I'd try and see if it still leaks without squid. Maybe pfSense_fan can help in setting up squid (snort et cetera) for this particular configuration so that there are no leaks?

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