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hi all,

could somebody/anybody tell me how the set up for channeling TOR thru AIRVPN.


looked in forums and can't find s............


thanks in advance.

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That link depicts two of the options with clarity, BUT there is a third which is not depicted.  Many advanced users here know this stuff but a new user might benefit from a third depiction as follows:   A depiction that removes PLAIN by using the following route  -- ISP - > AirVpn - > TOR (no exit node and direct onion site connection).  Perhaps if newer people saw the additional benefits of "staying" within onion they would wisely elect to access various site's onion links (where available) instead of their clearnet entrances.  Depictions are very helpful to newer users.  Just a thought.

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This is not a third option, this is exactly the same as the first option in that guide.

Then it's up to the users if they want to use the Tor Browser Bundle or just run the Tor daemon binary standalone,

each of the use cases have their own pros and cons, but this is not the scope of using AirVPN with Tor guide.

What you suggest is setting up a transparent SOCKS proxy to allow other applications access .onion addresses.

This is more related to advanced Tor config rather than to AirVPN, and is explained in the Tor documentation and wiki.


The guide covers 2 options, using AirVPN before Tor, and using Tor before connecting to AirVPN, and those steps are clearly explained.

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Of course you are correct!  As usual I am not the best communicator.  I was just trying to point out the obvious advantages, where applicable, to staying within onion as opposed to exiting to clearnet after the third TOR relay.  Many sites offer both https (or even weaker http) and onion entrances.  Where onion is available, and in my opinion, this is "like" a third option in the sense that it removes the notion of PLAIN from the depictions represented in Air's pictures.  I wasn't trying to "dirty" the thread just clarify things for newer TOR users.  There are many users out there running TOR and then exiting to clearnet that make all kinds of security mistakes, and then they wonder why they get "tagged".  Just trying to help.

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sorry for the late reply guys/gals..........thanks for your help, i know us newbies can be something else.

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