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Can only watch movie on MS app

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I purchased a boxed set of movies online from Microsoft - I own them, but can only play them on MS devices - like my desktop, phone or tablet.


I can download them to a USB stick, but it won't play.  I contact MS and they said that is the way it is - only works on MS devices using their Film & TV app, even though I paid for them (only licensed, not owned I guess).  Won't work on VLC.


Anyway I can convert it to something like that will play on a media player that is not the MS Film & TV app?   I have an old TV (RCA cables) and use a media player.  I transfer to USB, pop it in my media player, watch it on my archaic but good enough TV.  No  I don't want to run it through my computer on to the TV.  My desktop and TV are not in the same room.


When downloaded it says .mp4 format, but the name looks like this:


The Hobbit- The Desolation of Smaug (Extended Edition)_SMIDD32B05CE-7347-4AAF-852A-.....



Suggestions a free DRM removal tool?  Anyone doe this?




Mr. V

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Bittorrent - the ultimate DRM removal tool

ha ha ha!  there is that!

Guess cuz I bought it, I want it, my way.  I'll fiddle with some DRM tools.

Maybe I should have bought the DVDs and just ripped them. 

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If it actually has an MP4 file in there, then Handbrake will be able to convert it to a real playable format. I suggest either H265/X265 or H264/X264. (Depending on how new your GPU is. 265 is a better format for high resolutions, but 264 is still quite good, and will likely take much less time to transcode.)



If I had to guess, it actually is a MP4 container with WMV and WMA inside. These are terrible formats, and while transcoding them will likely take days, it may be worth it.

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Guess cuz I bought it, I want it, my way.


DRM does not work like this. You don't purchase the product, you purchase the right to access it. Encryption is one of the integral parts of DRM mechanisms and you can enforce guidelines on when the decryption can take place and when it's forbidden. Pretty much every offline mode works this way: Netflix, Spotify, Prime Video,...

You can't do that with a OGG or MKV file. You own the MKV, you own the movie, akin to purchasing a DVD. You're free to share it in this state but an encrypted file is unlikely to be shared.

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