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Oldie but a goodie

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if ya look at life in general, whether a fish or critter on land, everything has a 'den' or 'home' a place to 'hide' or go to for safety

without that, life wouldn't not be able to survive, at all

without 'privacy' critters wouldn't have a safe spot to eat, feed their young etc


ya look at any animal in captivity, no matter how well kept, and it hurts the heart

they have no privacy, at all


if ya were to ask me the biggest threat to mankind besides an asteroid i'd say lack of privacy

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Completely agree!


It is just like he said in the video, I often find myself self-censoring and being super concerned every time I want to send a file or a message to a friend. I have to have it encrypted or use a non-standard program that has encryption. It's not a problem for me, it's just getting my connections to use them as well. It should not be that way...

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