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isp know im using vpn under ssl or ssh?

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I am using airvpn to hide tor usage. Of course I don't want the network that I am using to know I am using a vpn either... Does the ssl/ssh tunnel remedy this or could the isp still figure out im using a vpn? How can I conceal my traffic as best as possible?

thanks in advance

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With SSL and SSH options, VPN traffic is no longer detectable by Deep Packet Inspection, the computer can no longer block the connection automatically. If a human were to monitor your connection it would be quite obvious that all your traffic is going to and from a single IP address which would easily indicate the usage of a VPN. SSH and SSL can only prevent automatic blocks and filtration. Most of the time the network does not have human beings monitoring the traffic stream, but if your in a situation where getting caught using one could put you in danger of some kind you should just find a different network to use. Using a VPN most likely is not worth getting fired from work or expelled from school or imprisioned by your government. 

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The most stealthy way (there is not really a best way as everyones situation varies) is to use SSL/443. Stunnel will act as an OpenVPN wrapper, effectively hiding the OpenVPN connection while only showing the stunnel connection (which uses similar encryption to SSL secured websites).

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