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Hi all,


I recently went from 1Mbps service to using my cricket wireless via usb tethering which is 8Mbps (not fast but best i can get where i am). I want to use AirVPN to hide the fact that I am tethering since on the "unlimited" plan they don't let you tether (I am not rooted but am using Foxfi to bypass this). my problem is that I have downloaded OpenVPN for android and installed it on my phone while following the instructions on this site, but have no knowledge of how to port forward anything, the few instructions I have tried to follow as well as multiple google searches have produced nothing but aggravation, I'm sure it's something very simple that I'm not doing or configuring correctly. Any kind of assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I want to use AirVPN to hide the fact that I am tethering


Depends on your carrier whether this is effective. If your carrier uses TTL analysis or OS/TCP fingerprinting to identify tethering, OpenVPN will not help you here. Wouldn't surprise me if they applied some form of tethering detection.


What ports do you want to forward, and for what?


LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN « Plenty of stuff for advanced users, too!

Want to contact me directly? All relevant methods are on my About me page.

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There are a couple gaming servers for online gaming as well as some torrents I would like to be able to download. The other issue I'm having is I'm not sure if I should leave the VPN on my phone or use the program on my desktop.

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