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I want to use the linux network manager which I think is a built in open VPN client, I am not sure but I need a .pem, .crt or .key file to login and no matter what I choose on the configuration generator all I get is the basic set up.


It also wont let me select "ssl tunnel" even though I am selected 1 single server.

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in the config generator click advanced settings and look to the right of the page.  there you'll see an option for separate certs and keys. 

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Hmm. So I parsed these out myself because this little side option wasnt noticeable to me a I thought Advanced was for Proxy settings only. Though irregardless, I could connect but then for some reason I had no success with getting to any websites. It was like I had no routes and no dns resolving.


Right now Im using the airvpn linux client with actually speed and browse-ability. However I noticed there are a few "ip addr" and "ipconfig" commands in the log file. Im wondering do I need to also specify stuff like this even after using the key files?


Thanks for any insight as I'd really rather not have the extraneous mono dependencies or hard drive space wasted when NetworkManager has the ability to do OpenVPN.

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