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Air vs others, according to whoer.net

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The sites I use to "check" my VPN are (of course) ipleak.net and dnsleaktest.com. They tell us all we need to know for basic anonymity.


Browserleaks.com is also worth a visit.


whoer.net is probably not.


It rewards the following VPNs with these results as to their apparent anonymity, using various criterita:


AirVPN - depending on server, but currently for me, 64%. It tends to be along those lines. Not sure why.


Cyberghost - probably worse, sometimes as low as 40%, mostly on the grounds that cyberghost rely on DNS servers in the UK. US and Germany (and a few others) so the DNS server reading is always different to the IP address. whoer.net does not like that.


PIA - 100% - always for me. The IP address is the same as the DNS server and they love it.


No VPN - in the clear: always 100% for me. They say that either you are very secure or not using any apparent VPN etc.


Makes no sense at all, really. It seems to score you on your attempts to conceal your identity, but 100% for doing nothing at all is plain daft. On that count, then a score of 0% might be quite good. The lower, the better?



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If you click on the percentage it tells you why you are getting 64% and not 100%.


It all depends on which servers you use, which timezone the server is in and which timezone you are in. It also counts if you have JS/java etc enabled.


However, just that a website can see that your computer is configured to a different timezone than the IP you are connecting from does not really have to mean that you have breached your anonymity. You could just as well have misconfigured your computer, or be traveling to a country without changing the clock.

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An almost 100% VPN usage detection is based on IP addresses and ranges of datacenters vs. residential connections,

sort of what Netflix is doing now.


All other timezone, DNS and language detection via fonts and accept browser header are not accurate and generate tons

of false positives. There are many time zone names which all correspond to UTC +1 / UTC +2 / UTC + 3, so users do not

bother to configure the proper city if the time is correct. Not a reliable test.


The language set in your system and/or browser differs from the language of your IP address country. You are possibly trying to hide yourself by anonymity means -20%


According to their tests, if your browser/OS language is set to en-US and you are not connecting from a US IP, you are trying to hide yourself.

Someone has to send an email to these guys that English is sort of an international language and technical people never have anything else

on their machines.

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