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OS X: servers dropped one by one

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I'm on OS X, using Eddie 2.10.3 with network lock, and often change Wifi networks.
I've frequently noticed the following symptoms:
* The "best" servers (fastest or lowest latency) one by one drop out of the list of servers in Eddie, once I get online again, with only the ellipsis "..." in the Latency column. Say, Alcor was the lowest latency, next time I go online, it's all the way of the bottom of the list.
* When I reboot, everything is back to normal, and the best (fastest/lowest latency) servers show up again.
* When I switch off the VPN (and disable network lock), and try to ping these servers, I get:

ping: sendto: Network is unreachable


* Similarly, when I run a traceroute on them, I get:

traceroute: bind: Can't assign requested address


* Now, the next clue is that the IP address of the server invariably shows up in the output of 

netstat -nr 


I suspect something similar to what's described here is going on.

The solution I've found (as in the link) is to either 

route -n delete <IP> 

 the affected IPs, or just run 

route -n flush

 several times, until no response is shown anymore.

Then I can re-enable AirVPN, and the servers show up again. However, it's a bit fiddly and annoying.

Any idea what's causing this and how to fix?

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