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I am moving house to a new area that has (as far as I can tell)  Sky Fibre, Virgin Media 200Mbit/s and BT Infinity, in addition to having relatively good speeds on standard ADSL+ services.


Ideally I'd move to Virgin Media (Branson being marginally less offensive than Murdoch). I'd give BT a go, but I've not had a good experience with their customer service. Since any LLU provider also suffers from OpenReach, I'd rather not go there, but needs must....




Since I access the Internet (including from mobile devices) almost exclusively via my server's OpenVPN tunnel, and sometimes my usage gets pretty high, I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences.

  • Do any providers have an active anti-VPN/anti-privacy policy?
  • Do any aggressively restrict traffic volumes specifically for VPN?
  • Do any of the so called "unlimited" services have traffic management policies that are not immediately apparent from their publicity materials?

Many thanks




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I've been with Sky for a while (not fibre) and get around 15Mb/s down at best which is as was promised with very little reduction using Air; I rarely have problems streaming live HD TV or anything else. I've never received any correspondence regarding usage of AirVPN or noticed any throttling no matter what, how much, or the source of data is. Unlimited appears to be truly unlimited. Reliability is almost 100%; I've lost the connection only a handful of times over ten years or so.

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