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PFsense AirVPN server selection, DNS, & IPleak.net issues

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Hello, first time posting in the forums here at AirVPN.  I run AirVPN in PFsense as a OpenVPN client.  I use the servers in the US (us.vpn.airdns.org:443).  I use the AirVPN DNS servers & and have them listed in the “General Settings” of PFsense.

I have a couple different issues and or problems. 

First one being, when I need to connect to a AirVPN server because of restarting PFsense or if I just want to switch to another server in the US, I have to switch the DNS settings in the “General Settings” to OpenDNS servers & to be able to connect to a AirVPN server. 

Once the connection to the server is made I go back into “General Settings” and switch back to & The whole ordeal is kind of a pain.  I was wondering if this was the only way to connect to AirVPN servers let alone ensure no DNS leaks?

I also have a problem with connecting to ipleak.net.  I used to be able to connect all the time with no issue.  The last couple of days I get a “We can’t reach this site” error.

Another problem I have is; I have only been able to connect to 1 particular US server in Miami.  I’d like to switch to another US server other than the Miami (I get real slow speeds on this server) one.  I go into the Client Area and disconnect from the server. 

That’s when I have to go back into the “General Settings” within PFsense and switch to the OpenDNS DNS servers and restart PFsense to be able to connect again to a VPN server again.  AND for the last couple days every time I do this I have been ending back onto the Miami server I don’t want to use…

My question is there a way to avoid this server while still using US servers or do I have to just select 1 US server each time in PFsense instead of keeping the broad range of all US servers?  I was also curious if anyone knew how a server was selected in US by Pfsense?   

Sorry for the lengthy post, I hope someone can help!

Thank you in advance!

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There is a great guide for pfSense you have to check out, it will answer most of your questions if you read the DNS part.

The proper way of preventing DNS leaks is not setting as your resolver, and then use hostnames like us.vpn.airdns.org,

this way you will have an infinite loop - you need VPN to resolve the address, but you can't have the address before you have VPN.


One solution for that would be using your favorite resolver for the WAN interface, and for the LAN/VPN interfaces.


Regarding the selection of servers, maybe the hostname is not the best solution for you, since it will connect you to the best

server in terms of current amount of users and bandwidth, but it does not imply that this will be the best performing server

from your location. If you plan to use only U.S. servers, you can create a few VPN virtual interfaces in pfSense and just

rotate between them when you need to switch.

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in your openvpn client setup just put in the resolved IP of the server you want to use.  that way no DNS resolution is needed to connect and you can choose the server you want.

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