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Using different DNS servers on pfSense when following guide

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Hi fellow Airvpn'ers, First I would like to thank pfSense_fan for the great guide and Airvpn for their mission and superb service! and ofcourse the community for their help! I have followed the 2.3 guide of pfSense_fan.


When following the guide exactly everything works perfectly, but I am having a problem when trying to do things slight differently. The thing is that I have different interfaces for different purposes. For the other interfaces I wish to use different DNS servers. When following the guide it works, but when I adjust the DNS NAT rule to use those different DNS servers I am not having internet at all.


I have tried to add the DNS servers through the DHCP servers menu and add it through there. I also created a alias with the DNS servers. I changed the NAT rule to use the alias with their respective DNS servers as target IP instead of the pfSense IP. I have been trying and trying, but the internet goes down when changing the NAT rule for DNS. I can reach the firewall through its IP.


So my question is how I can use different DNS servers while following the guide of pfSense_fan? Can some of you share their expertise with me and perhaps tell me what I am doing wrong here? Thanks!

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By DNS NAT rule I assume that's the port forwarding rule that redirects all DNS requests to the pfsense resolver (usually 


If that's what you're talking about, don't change that.


to change DNS go to system ->general setup.  Input the DNS you want, make sure gateway selections are all "none" for the DNS.


Assuming your other settings are still good this should work.

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Thank you for your reply go558a83nk.


Yes I was talking about the port forwarding rule. If I put the DNS servers in general setup then all interfaces will be using them. I am using unbound in forwarding mode with Airs DNS server in general setup.


Lets say I wish to use my ISP's DNS on LAN interface which is clearnet. I should be able to use those DNS servers with the same rules right. If I would put those DNS servers in DHCP server/LAN interface and change the NAT port forwarding rule to use the ISP DNS as target IP. This was what I was thinking in the first place, but when I am trying to do that, I am having no internet at all, but am still able to reach pfsense through its ip.

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