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Bitcoin payments not working (expired certificate)

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I'm trying to buy the 12 month deal for 40.50 euro before it expires, but when I scan the QR code it's rejected by both Mycelium on Android and Electrum on Windows with an "certificate has expired" error. I assume this is AirVPN's merchant certificate with the Bitcoin payment processor? I have submitted a support ticket but as it's the weekend and the deal ends today I would like to reach out to anyone that can assist.



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It doesn't look like Bitcoin is available from the list of currencies with CoinPayments. I already tried to send Bitcoin directly to the address provided by Coinbase rather than scanning the QR code and that also failed with the same message.


The message is:


Merchant: Invalid certificate

Signature: Invalid signature

Error details: Could not validate certificate: Certificate expired at Fri MKay 13 13:00:00:00 GMT

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Just tried again using the Tor browser and it's still failing with the invalid security message. Please note that I was connected to an AirVPN server during all the previous attempts, so I'm not sure how my ISP can be involved? Also, the error message occurs when I scan the QR code, not when I try to send the payment.

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I'm not sure what your statement means in regards to the QR having a different URL, perhaps you misunderstood what I was trying to convey? I meant that the error happens when I try to either scan the QR or manually enter the URL, and not when I try to send the signed Bitcoin transaction.


In any case, AirVPN support contacted me and the new option to pay via BitPay rather than Coinbase resolved my problem. Thanks for the support.

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