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Problem with resolving host (TomatoUSB on Asus RT-AC66)

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I recently bought an Asus RT-AC66 and install Tomato Shibby on it.

I currently have a wrt54g with Tomato Toastman and it is configure as per instruction provided on here and it works well


However on the Asus, it works first time and then it stops. On connection to the VPN, i get internet briefly. Then nothing. On my browser (chrome), it says DNS_PROBE BAD_CONFIG.


I have been trying all sort for the last 2 days. I hope someone can help me with this.



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I don't know what speeds you are hoping for but the AC66 won't be very fast with openvpn.  I suggest you put merlin asus firmware on it rather than tomato.  It has nice additions to openvpn client (policy routing) and you can install entware on a usb drive, and probably do whatever else you're wanting to do.

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Seems like you are using your ISP DNS servers, which are otherwise not accessible when you are connected to the VPN.

The only websites you would be able to resolve in that case, are the ones already in your DNS cache.

Can you recheck your DNS settings, both on the router and the network adapter?

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Thanks @zhang888 

I have partially solved it by adding the DNS on my adapter settings on my PC. Do you know where the DNS config is on the router? The tomatousb from shibby has DNSmasq installed on it as well, do you think that this could cause a problem?


Thank you ever so much.

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