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IPRedator - suspending users based on fake abuse tickets

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This is actually a hilarious story to read.


I had an idea before, about how you should choose the right VPN provider, and I posted it on

the forums before, but I never had the time nor the effort to make such steps, since I don't

actually think I should be the one who does it. As a person who knows the weak spots about

running a VPN service (athough not this one for profit), I am sure that most providers have to

respond to genuine abuse issues. The post I made some time ago would just test the way your

provider is going to take measures in case  some abuse tickets are sent, and by that you can

actually test how good and neutral your provider is. This is somewhat a brutal test, so please don't

do these tests, unless you fully negotiated them with your provider beforehand, these are really extreme

conditions and honestly I don't think any provider is actually able to hold such tests for a single user,

especially steps 1-3. Always remember that the ~$7 a month is does not even cover a cup

of coffee for a lawyer, in case your provider runs into issues while maintaining your subscription.


This was my original suggestion, however:




There was some individual, who wanted to put IPRedator's policy, and mainly the competence

of their abuse desk, up for some test, which they, spoiler alert, badly failed.


This is an excellent read. The test case was not very ethical, and I can presume some other

providers, or at least Datacenter abuse teams, would fall into that, but for the sake of transparecy

you should read this, and be aware of what kind of issues VPN operators have to deal with, almost daily.



Occasional moderator, sometimes BOFH. Opinions are my own, except when my wife disagrees.

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I remember reading about this ridiculous clause back when checking out VPN providers and I can see that they, as I predicted by the clause, are just a tiny bit too zealous and hysterical to even make it past the first round. SJW-types running a VPN - that's a red flag right there 

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