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Hello all I was a long time user of perfect privacy until I found out that they were neo-Nazis in 2012
please see  this article for more information
https://linksunten.indymedia.org/en/node/61004 now with that being said when I use their service from 2009 to 2012 that a very diverse number of servers includingcyberjaya.perfect-privacy.com (Malaysia)
shanghai.perfect-privacy.com (China)
hongkong.perfect-privacy.com (China)
teheran.perfect-privacy.com (Iran)
telaviv.perfect-privacy.com (Israel)
moscow.perfect-privacy.com (Russia) [3 servers]
kiev.perfect-privacy.com (Ukraine)
stockholm.perfect-privacy.com (Sweden)
bucharest.perfect-privacy.com (Romania)
erfurt.perfect-privacy.com (Germany) [5 servers]
zurich.perfect-privacy.com (Switzerland) [2 servers]
steinsel.perfect-privacy.com (Luxembourg) [8 servers]
amsterdam.perfect-privacy.com (The Netherlands) [4 servers]
rotterdam.perfect-privacy.com (The Netherlands) [4 servers]
lyon.perfect-privacy.com (France)
london.perfect-privacy.com (United Kingdom) [3 servers]
southampton.perfect-privacy.com (United Kingdom)
montreal.perfect-privacy.com (Canada) [5 servers]
chicago.perfect-privacy.com (Illinois, USA)
sandiego.perfect-privacy.com (California, USA)
losangeles.perfect-privacy.com (California, USA)
plaza.perfect-privacy.com (Panama)
buenosaires.perfect-privacy.com (Argentina)
list for my last gathered from my last account extension email
encryption was extremely high for my apologies for not being able to provide the details regarding the encryption used at the time in addition to that they didn't keep any loss to the best of my knowledge taking their word for it they provided standard open VPN based configuration files with the standard open source open VPN client in addition to that they also offered  ssh tunnelling I'm curious as to whether anybody else was a customer of theirs but them jump ship because of the Nazi ties
please note I am disabled and use speech recognition software which is not always 100% accurate so I do apologise for any spelling or grammar issues (note to moderators feel free to clean this up so it is more legible


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