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I got disconnected frequently today. Is it switching servers in between because thats what the message pops up? If you run VPN then TOR and airVPN gets disconnected what happens? My real IP is exposed?

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What is switching servers?

A message?

You are using TOR?

Do you have any logs? Why don't you post them in spoiler tags so we know what we're looking at? (How-To in my signature)


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Sry wasnt clear there. If you connect to TOR after connecting to an AirVPN server and you get DC`d from AirVPN server, will i still be connected to TOR? I mean the AirVPN client prompt that tells you that you are DC`d from the server at the bottom right corner of screen. I dont have any logs of that day.

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Certainly the Tor Browser will recognize its connection has been lost and will just reconfigure itself so your real IP will not be seen over Tor. If you have network lock on then Tor won't be able to connect to anything anyway, including Tor!

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