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Local IPs not accessible

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Goal: get https://github.com/jishi/node-sonos-http-api to find my local Sonos devices


Mac: running AirVPN, Local IP:

Sonos: IP:


When AirVPN is not connected, and I run the node server from the URL above, the server quickly finds the Sonos speaker and connects.  However, once I connect to AirVPN, the server endlessly loops with:


scanning for players in ip
scanning for players in ip <-- AirVPN IP


If I go to AirVPN --> Preferences --> Routes --> "Not specified routes go: Outside the VPN tunnel," it works.  However, I know that effectively stops the benefit of AirVPN.  So, if I set AirVPN --> Preferences --> Routes --> Not specified routes go: Inside the VPN tunnel, and set an IP Range of, it does NOT work and endlessly loops scanning.


Am I understanding the routes table correctly?  I'm so not privy of CIDR formats, but I think I understand that means -, correct?

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Do you have the "allow local/lan" setting checked under Preferences --> Advanced --> Network Lock ? I'm on a Mac too and I do sometimes have problems with finding machines on my network while network lock is active. I can work around this by using IP addresses instead of hostnames mostly though.

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