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Firewall / Network Lock Slows Traffic

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I'm having a really weird issue. I initially had ufw setup, but my speeds were horrendous. Pings all worked well everywhere with good latency, but connecting (www, ssh, etc) to anything took forever! After trying many different servers I disabled my firewall, and BAM speeds were excellent. So I said screw it, lets try the network lock on the AirVPN GUI and there we go again with incredibly slow speeds. I'm running Ubuntu 15.10 if that matters, I'm all out of ideas any assistance would be appreciated as I really don't want to leave the firewall off.

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No ideas or suggestions? It's so slow it takes me about 10 seconds just to get a login prompt from a SSH session to a remote session that only take <1 when using the VPN with no firewall. Firewall logs show nothing being blocked, neither memory or cpu are being pegged. I don't know where else to look....

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Might be that when your firewall is off the traffic gets past airvpn and goes through your regular connection


It's not, traffic on regular interface is only permitted to local network and verified this by checking IP online. 


I have made some progress though, it appears disabling ipv6 has solved my latency issue. I'm still not happy with the bandwidth but at least it isnt taking 10-20 seconds just to establish a connection with anything.

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