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AirVPN launches excruciatingly slowly on Windows 10

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My AirVPN client takes forever to launch on startup, often a few minutes. The app is set to auto-launch, but still takes forever to actually execute, and I cannot connect to the internet during this time because of some other issue.


It's getting very annoying, and is quite detrimental to the experience of AirVPN.

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Windows 10 user here and the AirVPN client loads up quickly w/o any issue.


Try temporarily disabling your Anti-Virus, Firewall, MalwareBytes (one at a time) while attempting to start AirVPN and see if that helps.

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I had a similar problem on Windows 7 Enterprise x64. Eddie started after about 4 minutes from system startup (as evidenced by logs) and, on top of all that, it clogged the startup cue, so that other startup programs also started late.


I tried many things to address this, but it would seem that the solution was to reinstall TAP-Windows, which can be found listed in Programs and Features. So, if any of you come across this problem in the future try the following:


(1) Download new TAP-Windows drivers (I got it from here https://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/downloads.html)

(2) Close Eddie if it is running

(3) Disable AirVPN task in Task Scheduler

(4) Uninstall TAP-Windows in Programs and Features

(5) Reboot 

(6) Install the downloaded TAP-Windows drivers

(7) Enable and Run AirVPN task in Task Scheduler

(8) Upon reboot, Eddie should start without (excessive) delay

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