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It's totally okay and safe to use Tor with AirVPN. The note you read means that you should refrain from running Tor exit nodes on AirVPN servers, but you don't have to concern yourself with that as a mere Tor user.



A Tor exit node is a Tor client that allows incoming connections from other Tor clients, and allows these connections from other Tor users to exit the Tor network to the internet. It's noble and obviously very necessary to run Tor exit nodes, but it's not something you should do on a VPN service, because it negatively affects all the other VPN users on that server.

For example, IRC networks such as Freenode do not allow Tor, but generally allow VPN connections. If somebody ran a Tor exit node on a VPN server, this server would also become blacklisted. Note that merely using Tor on a VPN server cannot have these negative side effects. They only occur if you configure your Tor client as an exit node.

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Using Tor Browser on AirVPN is fine, and often recommended to improve your anonymity.


If you do not understand what:


"do NOT use AirVPN server as Tor Exit Node."


means, then it does not affect you.


Thank you for asking.

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