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I am new to using a VPN, and am testing out airvpn. I have chose airvpn because of the port forwarding features, I would like to use it for p2p and hopefully plex server.


I own a AC68U router and I understand that there is a few firmwares available to use the airvpn service. Asus's own fireware, DD-WRT, Tomato or merlin.


My question is which firmware do you suggest I use given which programs I would like to use and ss this is all new to me which is most user friendly. What are the pros and cons of each.


Thanks for any input

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merlin firmware is going to best support the AC68 as it's based on asus stock firmware with optimizations and additions.


for openvpn clients merlin firmware has policy based routing and can block VPN routed clients if the tunnel goes down.


it's also extremely easy to install entware which allows you to install (on USB storage) many more linux packages.  you can even install stunnel so that you can use Air's openvpn through SSL tunnel option.  (openvpn through SSH requires no additional package install.)

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and just to round out the recommendations....


Am using dd-wrt.

flashing was easy and everything worked first time with airvpn.


Throughput with airvpn on the AC68U peaks out around 2.8MB/sec for me.


Downside with dd-wrt is the chaotic user forums and confusing

(and sometimes conflicting) product information.


Good luck !

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