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 Hi All


I have been looking at VPNs for some time and to be honest I am still confused.

My reason for a VPN is that I am currently working in N Germany and will be here for around 4 years.

I am a Top Gear fan and as they are moving to Amazon Prime I want to be able to watch the UK version and not the German as my German is very bad.

I think I have all the main components: HD TV with LAN capability, desktop with internet and a Kindle Fire HD.

I can conect the Kindle to the TV.

From this point I am not sure which way to go.

Do I need a VPN for the desktop or Kindle (like I said Clueless on VPNs).

Any help appreciate.

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you'll need your kindle fire hd to use a VPN tunnel to the UK then.  probably easiest to just run VPN on a router so that all clients of the router (e.g. kindle fire hd and whatever else) will go through the VPN tunnel.

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As a beginner I'd suggest to use your desktop.  That way you don't have to worry about your router.

On your desktop computer, use your browser to log into the Airvpn website.

After loggin in, navigate to the Enter menu.

You will be presented with a number of operating systems.

Pick your OS. (Windows/Mac/Linux ...)

After clicking on your OS, Download your file to your computer.

On your computer click on the downloaded file to install it as you would any other program.

This will install the AirVPN program on your machine.

You can then pick a VPN in the UK and connect to it.

That's it.

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