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Eddie 2.10.3 Experimental available

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​​Hi guys,

​OK - I misunderstood. I thought it was meant to make system-wide changes and update to 'unstable' packages. 

For interest to Linux users, ​I can report that upgrading to 'unstable' (latest) OpenVPN, Stunnel and OpenSSL standards via the Debian 'Stretch' main repository packages is fine. No crashes or problems (yet), although I'm sure the Linux experts are shaking their heads

​I have replicated this for Linux Mint 17.2 (the forced upgrade OpenSSL step missing above) by just finding the binary packages in Ubuntu 'Wily' (unstable 15.10 branch). ​Mint users can find the libssl update they need for their platform here below. Download the available .deb files, unless you want the fun of building from source (who does?).


The OpenSSL library must be updated with package manager before the main OpenSSL package, due to dependencies:*



Then, users can find the OpenSSL update for 1.0.2d for their platform here and apply with package manager:


​* Mint users can't just use the later standard Ubuntu branch of OpenSSL, because that platform requires systemd as a dependency, and Mint users have sysvinit running. Straight Ubuntu users could however find these packages on the same website and install easily enough.

​Once you restart Eddie, you should now see: OpenSSL1.0.2d running and OpenVPN 2.3.8.

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Seems to work smoothly with OS X El Capitan 10.11 Beta on a Macbook Air and Mac Mini.

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