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Considering AirVPN: How are the speeds and reliability

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Hi freefish,

I think this info will be very helpful for other people that are connected to the same ISP that you are and having throttling issues.

Maybe you can post the steps and the ISP name in the Net Neutrality section?


If you don't wish to disclose your ISP in public, I think a ticket with the details will be enough and Staff can post it for you instead.

When the forum becomes "searchable" for problematic ISPs, it serves two goals:

1) The users are able to find their issue quicker and solve it by switching protocols,ports or tunnels.

2) The bad acting ISPs will be listed in search engines together with the net neutrality keywords.

Hopefully this warns "techsavvy" users away, and makes the ISPs re-consider their practices.

Occasional moderator, sometimes BOFH. Opinions are my own, except when my wife disagrees.

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Hi zhang,


I had a look at that section but dont think I have the know how to produce any detailed info


Im happy to explain the issues I was having in a bit more detail in case it helps anyone else from the UK using BT as an ISP.


1. Eddie was set up as AUTOMATIC in the protocols setTings, dwnload speeds from the UK air servers was around 10mbs browsing, the air server would disconnect intermittently.


2. Using qbittorrent (and tried utorrent as well) the same pattern happened every single time I started a torrent, ie: after 3-4 minutes the seeds would drop away to zero, the torrent would stall AND the air server I was on would disconnect, regardless of what server I was using and believe me, I tried lots of them. If I reconnected to a different server, restarted qbittorrent, the torrent would start again for 3-4 minutes then the whole scenario would repeat all over again.


3. The fix was a very simple one, I selected SSL tunnel (port 443) in Eddies's protocol settings and now the browsing speeds are 50mbs+ browsing and 5-8mbs dwnload on torrents from the same UK Air servers.


Hope this helps and sorry my technical knowledge isnt what it should be

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Just stopping by to say thanks. Perusing the forums and saw this thread. Been a member for almost 3 years now. AIR is by far the best of the best VPN providers. But now perusing this forum I seem to find a really great group of users too. Way cool. I say this because just in this one thread I have picked up on two useful bits of info for tweaking my clients. 

Thanks every one and Thanks AIR!!

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