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My AirVPN Experience/Review

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I have been using AirVPN for almost two years now. I would say that the service provided by AirVPN is very good. 


Price: AirVPN is not the cheapest nor the most expensive. However, when AirVPN runs deals such as their Cyber Monday deal (38% off) and currently their Christmas deal, the price is very affordable. Especially considering the quality service you get in return. 


Privacy: I have not seen another VPN service that can beat AirVPN's privacy policy. They take this very seriously, as they should. Also, the fact that AirVPN does not log traffic is very important. Any VPN service that logs traffic is not private. It also pleases me to see that the company was founded by internet activists and hacktivists in an effort to defend internet neutrality. 


Support: I have no complaints with the AirVPN support staff. I have contacted the support staff many times and they respond quickly and politely. The staff has a vast amount of knowledge and has answered all of my technical questions thoroughly.


Software: I was with AirVPN before their new "Eddie" client was released. Because I am a Mac user I have used a program called Viscosity since day one. It is a great program and I highly recommend it. I have used the AirVPN Eddie client and it is very nice. However, (this is where the staff and I will disagree) the Eddie client lacks a formal killswitch. I am aware that there is a "Network Lock" feature in Eddie that acts in a similar way. However, in OSX it is confusing (for me) to get it working. So, I still use Viscosity because I can implement a simple killswitch script that closes any program I specify. I have created a forum thread on this topic for Viscosity Mac and Windows users. The killswitch is extremely easy to setup. Despite this, I think the Eddie client works very well and AirVPN is improving it all the time. 


Servers: I would say that AirVPN has a very good variety of servers to choose from. Considering the size of the company, they defiantly have a sufficient number of servers. Especially in the Netherlands.    


Speeds: I am located in North America and I do not notice any deduction in speed while using the AirVPN servers in North America. I even get great speeds from some of the servers in Europe. When it comes to speeds, I have nothing to complain about at all! 


I have tried other VPN services such as Private Internet Access, BTGuard, and Torguard. In my opinion, AirVPN beats those three in every aspect. When AirVPN includes features such as 3 simultaneous connections, p2p on every server, and very high levels of encryption, plus many other good features, AirVPN is very hard to beat. 


So, all I have left to say is, keep up the great work AirVPN! 









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