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Understanding VPN Port Forwards & Air DNS Service

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I'd like to be connected to a VPN all the time, but on the other hand want to expose some services to the WAN. My current Setup is follows


    NAS      -->    Asus Router running OpenVPN Client with Port Fwds to NAS --> ISP Router/Modem with Asus Router in DMZ -->           Air VPN                  ---/ /--> WAN                                                  Local: / WAN:         Public WAN VPN Shared IP:



Now for example I want to expose a Service on my NAS running on 443/https (TCP)


Without considering VPN:

  • Request to
  • ISP Router has Asus Router in DMZ so everything will be forwarded to
  • Asus Router has a Port Fwd. Rule for Port 443 ->
  • NAS responses to request

With VPN and VPN Port Forwarding:

  • Find out whats my public ip (eg.
  • Set a port foward in Air VPN Config from e.g. 2048 to 443 (TCP)
  • So for public request I need to use url: which will be resolved to and the same happens as described above

With VPN and AirVPN DynDNS:

  • Set a port foward in Air VPN Config from e.g. 2048 to 443 (TCP) and DynDNS Name "myservice"
  • Wait at least 1h
  • request to myservice.airdns.org should dynamically resolve to in this instance which resolves to and the same happens as described above


No the problem is this does not seem to work. Please enlighten me if Im thinking wrong here. I pretty sure my setup is ok from the ISP router on since it worked before VPN, also in the AirVPN Port Fwd config I get a green light for at least 1 of my port fwds (not sure why that exactly)


Edit: Ok from what I understand the UI Port Fwd only affects income WAN request NOT incomming VPN request (see here: http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=642122) so I need to manually add iptables rules for vpn (tun1) port forwarding

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