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Found 3 results

  1. I have a local Server permanently connected to Airvpn over wireguard. Now I want to access the installed Nextcloud from the internet with SSL Encryption. I use an apache2 webserver. I opened a port and I can access it over http. But I don't know how to configure it over https. https://airdns.org/ has a Let's encrypt certificate, but in my nexcloud.conf I know only how to use a local certificate. So how can I point the webserver to use the certificate from airdns.org?
  2. Hello, I have a problem that I can not understand. I explain you my infra Router sysnology with the VPN airvpn configured on it in openVPN In my LAN, a synology with several services like plex or bitwarden I configured ports from my client interface with airvpn with dyndns and it works well for example toto.airdns.org: 123456 goes well on my DSM service on my synology on the port 5001 so the routes are good. Now I have a domain name of my own that I would like to use to connect to my synology without having to put the airvpn address, so I can make a CNAM alias toto.airdns.org => toto.mydomain.com but I can't put the port. So it doesn't work. I tried to change the port configuration on the airvpn platform in "internal ports" to port 443 (ports used in https) and I did the same route as for port 123456 but it does not work, the service always responds on port 123456 but not on port 443 A good soul could help me? Thank you in advance. Yop
  3. Hi, I'd like to be connected to a VPN all the time, but on the other hand want to expose some services to the WAN. My current Setup is follows NAS --> Asus Router running OpenVPN Client with Port Fwds to NAS --> ISP Router/Modem with Asus Router in DMZ --> Air VPN ---/ /--> WAN Local: / WAN: Public WAN VPN Shared IP: Now for example I want to expose a Service on my NAS running on 443/https (TCP) Without considering VPN: Request to Router has Asus Router in DMZ so everything will be forwarded to Router has a Port Fwd. Rule for Port 443 -> responses to requestWith VPN and VPN Port Forwarding: Find out whats my public ip (eg. a port foward in Air VPN Config from e.g. 2048 to 443 (TCP)So for public request I need to use url: which will be resolved to and the same happens as described aboveWith VPN and AirVPN DynDNS: Set a port foward in Air VPN Config from e.g. 2048 to 443 (TCP) and DynDNS Name "myservice"Wait at least 1hrequest to myservice.airdns.org should dynamically resolve to in this instance which resolves to and the same happens as described above No the problem is this does not seem to work. Please enlighten me if Im thinking wrong here. I pretty sure my setup is ok from the ISP router on since it worked before VPN, also in the AirVPN Port Fwd config I get a green light for at least 1 of my port fwds (not sure why that exactly) Edit: Ok from what I understand the UI Port Fwd only affects income WAN request NOT incomming VPN request (see here: http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=642122) so I need to manually add iptables rules for vpn (tun1) port forwarding
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