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Casting with Google Chromecast

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Hi to all.


Little issue here. i want to cast a video through chromecast to my tv (with apps like crunchyroll or youtube), but when my android phone was air-connected (with openvpn) the chromecast results as "not found" on my network. if i turn off the vpn connection, chromecast return available.


instead sending chrome tabs working normally with PC (windows 7).


what can i do, any suggestions?

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This issue is becoming pretty popular.  I have read that users of "popcorntime" over a VPN also can not cast to Chromecast.  The issue stems because when one is connected to the VPN, the network subnet changes.  For example, my home network is based on 172.20.x.x.  When connected to the VPN, my TUN interface address is 10.150.x.x.  The chromecast is on 172.20.x.x, but the  interface on 10.150.x.x can not see it.  Disconnecting from the VPN puts the interface back onto 172.20.x.x and streaming works.


The app that is chromecasting needs to be VPN aware so it can go out to the internet on one interface and cast on the other.

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The problem is that your device is under the VPN, your chrome cast no. If you wish to transmit to a tv, you need to use a slim port/MHL cable (according to the source you're using )

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