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I'm using a 4 port RT-N16 Toastman build VPN, VLAN version router. 

Netgear 24port switch

Linux machines

2 streaming media players, playstations



I want to split the network up into 3 segments.  192.168.1.x, 192.168.2.x, 192.68.3.x


*Important* - I don't want any segment on the network to be able to speak to each other. 


Segment 1 and 2 - I want to Tunnel through the VPN via network manager on the Linux machines using SSL Port 443.  These connections have 13 ports to connect through on the switch. 0/01, 0/02, 0/03.....0/013


On 1 segment -  I want to go through the VPN to America via the a Tomato router configuration using Client 1.  I don't care what port I use.  These connections will have 6 ports to connect through the switch. 0/14, 0/15, 0/16......0/19, 0/20




I've been at this for a 2 good solid days manipulating scripts, manual configurations through the GUI on tomato, etc. I like to figure things out myself, and I've learned alot, but i think it's time I asked for some help.  Anyone have an idea how to do this? 


Greatly appreciate your input! 






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****STATUS UPDATE********  Iguess I should of mentioned what I did.


I got the network divided up into 3 segments on 3 seperate VLANS


bro- dhcp enabled Port 1 on Vlan 1


br1- dhcp enabled Port 2 on on Vlan2


br2- dhcp enabled Port 3 on Vlan3


vlan4 WAN


Id did a ifconfig on all ports on the router and Im getting the correct IP addresses



Heres the problem:  I can connect to the VPN through Tomato on the default Br0 LAN BUT  I can't connect to the VPN or get internet access from or



 It's as if I need some kind of route from and to the default gateway.  I played around with static routes destination to gateway, but I couldnt get internet access. Obiously im doing something wrong..lol



Also, I have no problem connecting to the VPN from those ip addresss, as long as I turn VPN off on the router and  connect directly from openvpn on my linux machines


So obviously, this is a Tomato Router configuration error.....


ANyone, know how to configure Tomato -  br1 and br2 to connect to the internet?   or possibly a script?  this is driving me insane.

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